Thursday, June 28, 2012

Not Here - Friday Fictioneer

It's Friday Fictioneer time. I have my flash fiction down to 93-words. Would appreciate any comments and constructive critiques. Thank you!

“She’s not here!” I shout to those around me. They murmur in consent and regroup for another location. Another direction.  Another day to go by without her.

She’s not here

The wild bushes lush with berries, ripe and heavy, were left untouched. 

She’s not here to taste them. To stain her fingers and draw a moan of joy from her lips - 

It’s been three days and the woods beyond the raspberry patch stretches beyond my reach. 

She’s beyond my reach. 

How long can she survive out there?   
How long will I without her?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Last Warning

It's Flash #FridayFictioneers time! Here is my attempt for the Photo Prompt - got it down to 97-words!
I would appreciate any comments, helpful hints and critiques. I had fun writing this, I hope you enjoyed the story. Thank you!

“Last warning, Earthling!”

The dragonfly fluttered around a sun-baked rock before settling upon it. It had but a few seconds to flash its gossamer wings before the ray-gun blasted it into a smoldering ash.

Two tiny gray beings glide out from behind a rock, their luminous almond-shaped eyes taking in their destruction. One of the beings held up his gun, his wide lipless mouth curled in mirth.

“I gave the Earthling a chance to surrender.” It said in a high squeaky voice, “If they don’t heed us, we’ll have this planet under our command in no time!”