Thursday, July 26, 2012


Friday Fictioneer time. A 100-words or less flash fiction with photos supplied every week by Madison Woods.
If you would like to participate, join us here. 
I would appreciate any comments or helpful critiques. Thank you for visiting my blog!


“I tell you it’s dry. Bone dry.”

I turn the spigot anyway and it hissed and sputtered at me.

“Told you.”

My tongue felt swollen, my lips cracked and bled.

“Aren’t you thirsty?” I asked, joining him on the steps. I looked out over the yard, or what was left of it. Dry and brittle grass burned yellow, the ground held deep fissures. Even the earth was thirsty.

“Yep, but I try not think about it.”

It was all I could think about.  I was surprised that I was still alive, and I regretted it at the same time.  We sat unmoving, staring at the baked yard and blazing sun. Thirst.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Bird - Friday Fictioneer

It's time for Friday Fictioneer. A 100 words or less with photos supplied every week by Madison Woods. Thank you Madison! If you would like to participate, join us here.
This story was a struggle this week - I would appreciate any comments and constructive critiques. Thank you!

Kaitlinn watched as a dark shadow flew against the pale morning sky, 
then hovered magically on thin fluttering wings before settling on the nearest tree.  

She remembered seeing pictures of it 
in school, told about it, but thought that they were a figment of their imagination. 

Yet here it was, sitting in a tree.

 A hush grew over the crowd that had gathered around her, staring at the same curiosity.
“What is it?” someone had whispered, both in horror and awe.
Kaitlinn shivered in its wake. “I think it’s called a ‘bird’,” she replied.