Monday, November 25, 2013

The Messenger - Sunday Photo Fiction

This is my first Sunday Photo Fiction post and I love having an excuse to keep writing. Sunday Photo Fiction is a flash fiction written around 100 - 200 words around a weekly photo prompt. I would love comments and constructive critiques. Thank you so much for stopping by and if you would love to join the Sunday Photo Fiction or read other amazing stories, go here.

“Are they messenger pigeons?”

I glanced at my young niece, Abby, then up at the line of fat pigeons sitting on the edge of the fencing. “Not these pigeons, honey.” I remarked, “Their only job is making messes.”

Abby cocked her head, studying one of the pigeons that took the initiative to fly to a nearby tree. The bird was different from the others. Oddly, it appeared to be listening to our conversation.

“Mama said pigeons carried messages from one person to another.” Abby’s gaze never leaving the pigeon, “and she said she was going to send me a message.”

I thought of my late sister and worried about the promise given to her only child. “Maybe she is super busy in Heaven with so many people to see.”

Just then the pigeon flew down from the tree and landed on the bench beside Abby. The little bird looked up expectantly and dropped a small cylinder case from its claw, squawked and flew away.

Abby picked it up and pulled a slip of paper from the case – and read:

“Dearest Abby, I made it to heaven and it is beautiful. Love always, Mama.”


  1. Oh that is such a very sweet post. I love it. It brought a lump to my throat

    Thank you for joining Sunday Photo Fiction. I'm honoured that someone outside of WordPress has decided to join in, so thank you and welcome :-)

  2. Bitter sweet..and lovely